The phpfreebase project is meant to develop a Php class library to ease the work needed to query the Freebase Open Database System. While, the library was build for use in my Code Igniter projects, the library has no CI specific code and is therefore portable.

Freebase is an Open Database web service. Freebase provides an API for querying the data stored in their database and also for writing data to Freebase. Freebase is not a typical relational database. Freebase uses a Metaweb database. The metaweb database seems to be more object-property oriented and hints at oject database technologies like Cache'.

The Freebase system is often compared to Wikipedia with an API. In fact, the system is much more powerful than Wikipedia and has the power to greatly reduce research efforts. Furthermore, content from Freebase can be used on your own website. You can learn more about Freebase at: and Freebase Manuals

The query language used to query Freebase is the Meta Query Language (MQL), pronounce mic-kel. You can learn more about MQL at: Freebase MQL Manuals


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Jan 28, 2010

The phpfreebase project is described by the project team as follows:

"A Php class library to query and write data to the Freebase Open Database System."

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